What do I like about teaching?

One of our teachers Jon has given us an insight in to what he likes about teaching!

What do I like about teaching? I have been a teacher for a very long time, and I find teaching languages very rewarding for both teacher and student. In the case of adult learners, I get the opportunity to meet all sorts of different people and also see how their improved language skills help them professionally and personally. For my younger students, it is very satisfying to tutor a pupil and see their language skills improve at school.

The benefits of working in a specialist language school are numerous. I think being able to help people at an individual level and teach small groups of students without the stress of traditional schools is a big factor. It also helps us tailor our teaching to their individual needs, for example for business English. Another benefit is that with one-to-one lessons, students get all the attention of the teacher and can work on key aspects of learning a language that they might need.

Working in a specialist school environment for younger students is great. We have classes with 2 – 10 students, where they can take part in exercises and learn together. We work with children individually too, and the benefits from that are quick to see. We like to use our imagination at Holfelder languages, especially with teaching children, we play board games and have theme weeks – like Harry Potter or Halloween week – where we get the children to use their newly learnt language skills in a fun way!

All in all, I really enjoy seeing people benefit from their experience with languages and with us!

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